We work to be and serve pioneers

We aspire to be
an active actor in the change, and leading consultors in matters such as research, understanding and development of succesful digital transformation projects within the technology blockchain

and we will archieve it
by leading the proccess of adoption of blockchain technology, offering legal, development, marketing and educational services.


Alberto Esteban

Legal counsel

Legal conunsel of the team. He teaches and research at the Granada University (UGR), specialized in Blockchain and Smart-Contracts on the area of commercial law. His passion about the force of change that Blockchain means to all of as, he leads us with creativity between the possible and that what not exists yet.

Victor Navarro


Our CTO. With over 20 years experience in R&D departments in several companies all around the country. He has developed several Full Stack apps and now is fascinated by all the possibilities blockchain offers to both users and developers. His passion for this technology has made us all better professionals.

Adrián Ortiz Arandes

Marketing / UX & UI Designer

Responsible of all designs and communication of our production both visual and conceptual. After 20 years working in digital communication and web art designer and coder, he saw in our project the new horizon to keep learning and make our society go forward, helping us to popularize and facilitate mass adoption of web3 tecnology.