Comparative law

Within every project based on Blockchain it is possible that  it might be beneficial to carry out said project in other countries, not being Spain or others within the EU the best choice. Every project has legal implications and we study for you which legal regulation is the most suitable for it. It can happen that a project ist legally unfeasable in Spain, but it works perfectly in Singapore and vice versa.

When speaking about forms of regulation, we can find countries where is much easier to launch a blockchain project, and others where you can find more troubles to go through. Among these, we find:

  • Soft Law or countries with a blockchain-friendly regulation that makes the decentralized ecosystem grow, for example, Singapore..
  • In-between jurisdiction. These countries have a regulation that is neither soft or hard Law, but don’t beneficiate this kind of initiatives. As an example we have Spain.
  • Hard Law or countries where this technology is directly prohibited by law, or hinder the development, such as Nigeria

For all that reasons, from Alcuadrado, we will thoroughly analyze your project together with your necessities and will offer you the best answer with the best argument. We can also present several case scenario for you to see the simulated success of your project. 

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