We create tokens for all kind of companies or organizations of all variety: Commodities, Utilities and Securities.


We help you to create DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to introduce it into your company as a new form of governship, assets management and desicion making, adding a plus in agility, eficiency and transparency.

Digital Identity

You can certify events, diplomas, certificates, attendance or any other issue through blockchain.

Digital Transformation

We analyze your case, and make a proposal with several ways to go and implement technological solutions to achieve the digital transformation of your company.

Legal and Accounting Audit

Each one of our projects are legally audited for it to comply with the regulatory system.


In general

Get deep into the blockchain ecosystem with us. We have the theorical and practical experience that you need.

Tailor made

We adapt our courses to you. If you want to learn about blockchain in bussiness, law or development, we are your answer.

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