La mejor manera de conectar coTe best way to connect with Blockchain is to lead by example, and that is the reason for us to develope our own products:


We want you to give the chance to your clients to pay with cryptocurrency. We are currently developing a crypto payment gateway for all kind of business, no matter the size of it. What we offer is a quick, user-friendly interface and easy to install into your website. propia web.

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We are developing a digital certification on Blockchain. With this tool you will be able to certify documents, events, credentials, and anything you can think of; and all this in an easy, transparent, unchangeable and as safe as it can be.

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Share your private passwords with your family and friends to be able to recover them when needed. This tool, which can be downloaded from our repository offers a community-wide solution to the responsability of losing yout passwords or seed phrases that gives acces to your crypto-assets.

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